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How Does American Unlocker Unlock iPhone?

American Unlocker provides the easiest and the fastest way to unlock iPhone. We actively strive to maintain the most effcient Factory Unlocking Process for the iPhone. Most of the time it is simply of submitting a special iPhone unlock request to the manufacturer or the carrier. Once we have started processing your order the either the carrier or manufacturer will work with us in getting the iPhone unlocked. The time it takes depends on several factors including the model of the iPhone and the carrier it is locked to. Most requests are completed within a 24 hour timeframe.

After one to 24 hours, customers will receive the confirmation message that their iphone is unlocked. In addition, a copy of our official instructions will be sent for an easy unlocking process. We work hard to not only provide a bulletproof method but to stand by our methods. This iPhone Factory Unlock is the only Permanent iPhone Unlock which will last for the lifetime of the device. Any Updates done in the future will not affect the unlock. We do not use unreliable jailbreak software. In fact, this unlock is done directly through the manufacturer or carrier depending on the devices situation.

We do require a minimal amount of information to ensure iphone unlockability. The most important piece of information we require is the IMEI which is a 15 digit serial number. Other than that iphone owners will be happy to know that this service is exclusive via

Any questions or concerns should be forwarded to our contact page.

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