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Unlock Any HTC One Phone In Seconds

There is a new all-in-one toolkit that will allow owners of an HTC One phone to immediately unlock it without having to search around for HTC unlock codes. This toolkit has been released by hasoon2000, a developer that has also released unlocking kits for previous versions of HTC phone. There are different kits for each version of the HTC One, but the installation and use of the program is simple and straightforward.

HTC One now has its own toolkit for unlocking the bootloader, rooting, recovery for ROM flashing and so on. The developer hasoon2000 came up with the software, adapted from his work on previous HTC handsets.

There is one kit for each HTC One versions, so if you are novice and interested in getting the most out of your handset by tinkering around, head over to the source link for the installation details. There are already stable custom ROMs for the device out there that right a few wrongs, so you might be willing to give this a go. Click this link to finish reading ll-in-one toolkit lets you unlock and root any HTC One in a few clicks.

The toolkit is available to be used for unlocking the bootloader, ROM flashing, rooting, and more. Recovery information can also be stored and the phone can be recovered if necessary. There are many stable ROMs available for use with the HTC One already.

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